My Trip to Lucknow’s Imambara

Last Sunday (7-sep-2008) I went to see Lucknow’s bara (bara means big) Imambara. It is an important tourist attraction of Lucknow. I clicked few snaps there. So I thought I must share few facts and details about this ornamented Mughal design.

Lucknow's Bara Imam bara

Lucknow's Bara Imambara


Owner: Asaf-ud-daulah, Nawab of Lucknow

It is one of the last major projects not incorporating any European elements or the use of iron. It has no beams supporting the ceiling, and is one of the largest such arched constructions in the world.
The design of the Imambara was obtained through a competitive process. The winner was an architect Kifayatullah, who also lies buried in the main hall of the Imambara. It is another unique aspect of the building where the sponsor and the architect lie buried besides each other.

Lucknow's bara imambara

Lucknow's Bara Imambara

The ceiling is more than 15 m high. The hall is Asia’s largest without any external support of wood, iron, or stone beams. What leaves the visitor astonished is the construction of the roof. It is said to be 16 feet thick and weighs nearly 20,000 tons. One would fail to find out how this amazing work was accomplished without any recourse to known technology. THAT’S REALLY AMAZING!! WHAT YOU SAY?…

Asfi mosque

Asfi mosque

The upper floor, Bhulbhulaiya, is also famous as a fantastic labyrinth. It is believed that a stranger cannot come out of this maze without any assistance from some expert guide.

Fascinating Labyrinth

Fascinating Labyrinth

Now its the State Govt. responsibility to take care of such huge and beautiful monuments. See the snap below.

Sleeping Government

Sleeping Government


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