Who could be more creative than nature?

7 Alphabets+7 Colors=Rainbow

7 Alphabets+7 Colors=Rainbow

One day I was sitting empty brain, I was feeling that I’m finished of ideas. Looking at designers portfolio and so on. Finally How an idea came to my mind and its none other than natures design

🙂 ThInK CoLoR 🙂

Yes!! Now please tie your seat belts as I’m going to take you on a ride of colorful world. Hoping that you’ll enjoy and get something to increase your knowledge also.

don't you inspire?

don't you inspire?

Most of us still don’t know about the amazing facts and science of Rainbow. Finally thanks for all the resources from where I got the raw material and compile them to a fully loaded package.
There are great songs about rainbows to listen to also!
You will see how rainbows are painted in the blue unknown and what causes to create.

A SONG FROM Mariah Carey:-
I know there is a rainbow
For me to follow
To get beyond my sorrow
Thunder precedes the sunlight
So I’ll be allright
If I can find that Rainbow’s endI will be allright
If I can find that


Rainbow is an arc of light separated into bands of color (parallel stripes) that appear when the Sun’s rays are refracted and reflected by drops of mist or rain. The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


1-In Norse mythology, the rainbow is the road between the worlds of gods and men.
2-The Greeks used to believe that it was a sign from the gods to foretell war or heavy rain.
3-Indians believed that it was a bridge between life and dead
4-Irish believed that a pot of gold lies at the end of a rainbow.
5-in the Holy Bible in The book of Genesis (Gen 9: 8-17) where the rainbow is the sign of covenant between God and all life on Earth .

How we are able to SEE the RAINBOW?

We see rainbow only when the sun is shining behind us and it is raining in front of us. Rainbows form when sunlight shines through millions of water droplets present in the atmosphere. As we know that Sunlight is a mixture of colours(Color Spectrum).
When it passes through a millions of raindrop, it is refracted (bent) and the light splits and spreads into seven colours.

All rainbows are part of a circle, but we can usually see only part of it, as the Earth is in the way. We can see a complete circle from an aircraft! 🙂

Is RAINBOW really exists?

Rainbows don’t exist. What we can see is the light from the sun (behind you) reflected and refracted by raindrops. We can’t go there – what we see would move with us.

We can only see a rainbow where there are raindrops. It seems to end where it touches the ground, but that’s because there aren’t any raindrops down there. If we could get high enough, we would be able to see the whole circle(LUCKLY) – so there’s no end.


  • 1- Refraction
  • 2- Reflection
  • 3- Dispersion

Pictorial Diagram


7 responses to “Who could be more creative than nature?

  1. Aha…What an interesting and inspiring article, and You have a beautiful blog,really… 🙂
    Natural design is always so perfect…and it works too…

    Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

  2. Nature provides us with everything we need. we just need to look more detail to extract what is really useful. Including ideas. It reminded me to my first artwork.. it was about rainbow..

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