City Under Threat..Please comment your views.

TAJ captured by Terrorist

TAJ captured by Terrorist

The particular article I’m writing is related to my blog or not. As usual I put my graphics on the page. Its very rare that I put articles on it.
But I think time got changes. Our country(India) is under threat from yesterday(26-Nov-08) till now, as I’m not well aware of the situation right now(4:22 pm, 27-Nov-08) because I’m at work. Its a very bad situation going out here in Mumbai. Many innocent lost their life in this terror attack.

News says:-9 foreigners among 100 dead, 287 injured. Oh My GOD what to say more…

We Pay tribute to all the people who lost their life.

“I want you people(Here Humanity matters) write your views here, what you think of it. Please speak up……….Its time to STAND UP.”
Don’t keep MUM like our GREAT leaders(Are they really?) ….

We LOVE our country.


17 responses to “City Under Threat..Please comment your views.

  1. Thanks for giving place to a burning issue tht is right nw in our country…i don’t think its written in any religious books to kill innocent ppl in the name of tht particular religion…all ppl follow their religion silently without interrupting in others religion…n thts the right way to please ur god…i wud like to say these terrorists “wht face u will show to ur god after dieing…and if u do it just for money…thn beware…this money is going to do nothing gud for ur families as well…u r just being used…cz the ppl who r filling ur minds with rubbish hv no courage to come in front…if u hv guts do something for ur own country…gods given precious life is easy to take…u r hvng courage no… thn go n give life to dieing person…u r just cowards u can kill only innocent ppl…not ur own fears”

  2. it’s really tragic what is happening & it makes me angry at those resposible!

    here’s to being a capricorn 🙂 x

  3. I’t’s really too bad…………
    i don know where is this young youth going………..
    they himself are totally damaged n forgot about thier responsibilities…..

  4. I’m so appalled, and I feel so bad for the people of your city. I know that many of us here do. At this point, we don’t know what to do — other than hope and pray! — but please be assured that we will do what we can.

    (And we are all hoping that our new President will help bring more peace in the world)

    Stay well …stay safe, and don’t let hope die!

  5. Firstly my deepest condolences to the families which have lost their loved ones in this brutal episode. Secondly my sincere and heartfelt cheers to our armed forces who have risked their life for the nation’s well being.I am abashed that our politicians are so capricious and corrupt that they have played with life and security of our country. Its high time for educated and sensible youth to enter into politics and rebuild the lost confidence of Indians.

  6. very scary

    my yoga teacher and 2 fellow students flew from LA to mumbai weds night, arr thurs am. i was so releived to hear they are ok.

    i hope your and yours are fine too.

    it will take longer for the country to heal from this devastation but know that many care

  7. war is such a waste
    why oh why can’t we all just get along
    there is sooo much abundance in this world and enough for everyone
    if only the warriors knew this and believed
    Stay safe

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