Long way to go :|

Destiny --->

Destiny --->


22 responses to “Long way to go :|

  1. Concept is as usual awesome i.e. LOVE…but one thing i am missing in this wall paper and that is the heads of both the boy and gal i wish i could see that too…overall nice post 🙂

  2. Hi! Rajni, Thanks for your comment. I wanted to accentuate the typography with love and the color tone. Perhaps that could be a reason that I didn’t include their heads. 🙂

  3. I know that u wanted to give emphasis on typography…still it could be more better if you have included heads too its just my opinion i may be wrong but as i said the whole concept is really good

  4. I like your posters and design 🙂 The use of typography is very good. It’s lively and yet a bit quiet – a splendid mixture, I think.
    Thanks for sharing Dinesh and for visiting my site.

  5. so you from INDIA??? Nice to meet you bracket. I’m your new visitor & love your works…. Act; I’m from Myanmar (I hope you’d know) GOOD LUCK, buddy. =D

  6. hello, i’m well how are you(?) it has been a little while
    interesting piece, it’s not often you see a wedding themed photograph with the heads missing, i actually like it a lot :):)
    you’ve got an interesting eye for these shots

  7. that’s an interesting way of driving in the point that people go brainless and stop thinking when they’re in love :P.

  8. hello 🙂 i’m well, how are you(?) thankyou
    when are you going to share some more stuff with us(?)

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