Open your locks :)


Took 2.5 hr to create

Hi! This is the low size resolution wallpaper. As The high one I’ve created is more than 1MB. So I was facing uploading problem. If one wants I’ll give them the high resolution 🙂


5 responses to “Open your locks :)

  1. 2.5 hours to create, you must have been working furiously quick, this is something i would think would take days, shows how much i know lol
    i like the broken orange, great concept 😀

    p.s the coke can is definitely sexxy lol

  2. Hi! It’s been a while. I was looking through my old blog and you were one of my biggest fans. I loved all of your fab comments. I’m writing to tell you about my name change and website and blog change. My new blog is It used to be simply treasured photography. Thanks for the support!

    P.S. Your work ROCKS!!!!! Keep up the awesome work! It’s very inspiring!

  3. As a designer, I too want to appreciate you. Wonderful work!!! Will you pls sent me the actual size wall paper!!!

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