Here’s a Sunny day :)



Bee on Flower

pink flower

Yellow flower


9 responses to “Here’s a Sunny day :)

  1. Lovely sunshine, just what we need here in the cold countries right now. I like the green marble, it has so many tones. Is it used for play?
    Years ago, children here used to play a “hit and jump” game using a big flat (decorated) glass stone. One day, it was decided that this glass stone could be a threat to safety, and got forbidden…what a pity! Now they are made of plastic …!

  2. Hi! thank you for ur comment. I wish that you get a long a lovely sunshine there soon. Yes! that’s marble; their utilization is same as you described in your comment.
    But its been so long I haven’t seen children playing with marble. Perhaps they developed some other interest in the IT era. 🙂

  3. @Henry: Thanks for appreciating. not macros specially but its the whole we call photography. Glad you like the Marble one.

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